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benefits of on demand hydraulics

Zero Power Consumed When Clamped
(click to see pump run time)

Compact design

Zero internal leakage

Flexible solutions to meet customer needs

Scalable from simple to complex to meet machine tool systems


Power Packs

Includes high power density, yet energy-efficient HAWE power packs.


Highly sophisticated PASCAL clamps and work supports are available, including position detection.


Flexible, user configurable PLC control systems.

Large Selection of ZERO Leak Valves

Directional seated valves, sequence valves and pressure reducing valves.

Arms For Hose Management

Maintaining the strategic hose positioning in the machine to eliminate downtime.

Integrated Part Seat Detection

Ensuring parts are mounted and clamped properly and reduce scraped parts.

Hose & Wire Harness Kit

Clean installs for every unit to allow a plug and play result.

Center Post Rotary Union with Custom Adapter Plates

Have the ability to hook up to the rotary union.

engineered solutions

  • Custom design consultation
  • Installation training
  • Technical service after the sale
  • Simple concept to completion installation
  • Hose management

Providing innovative solutions for over 25 years.