Filter Carts

Our Filter Carts offer premium fluid transfer while ensuring system cleanliness. Other Capabilities: Power Flushing, Wand Flushing, System Draining, Hose Cleaning, Line Flushing, Water Removal


We create overhead reservoirs for extreme environments and all types of hydraulic fluids including water and glycol. Standard JIC style reservoirs cut costs and easily replace existing systems. Our Compact HPU Power Packs – potent systems modularly constructed in different styles and sizes – offer unique versatility.


We offer standard and custom manifolds to suite any environment. Pressed safety circuits to comply with CSA Z 142-02.

engineered solutions

Hydra-Fabs Onsite engineers follow an integrated approach that considers the entire life cycle of a product- from design through production, delivery and technical.

What we offer:

  • Engineered 2D & 3D design
  • 3D hose routing
  • Technical support

industrial solutuions

Lube Systems

Preventing contamination from lubrication, viscosity change and foaming can save you thousands of dollars. Our system upgrades and retrofits are practical solutions designed for quality and reliability, including Centralized Grease Systems for precision distribution and control systems to help you get your temperature just right.

Filtration Systems

We excel at creating unique and extreme fluid management systems – both for retrofits and new applications. By including filtration when designing manifolds, we can offer superior filter integration into hydraulic circuits – leading to superior performance, safety and efficiency. Our modular systems are easily installed and filters can be changed without interruption.


Providing innovative solutions for over 25 years.

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