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Diagnostics Monitoring
  • Fluid Cleanliness

    We take a comprehensive approach to monitoring hydrocarbon and water-based systems, including filter patch tests and specialized equipment to measure levels and perform spot checks.

  • Water in Oil

    We use both on-site probe diagnostics and in-tank /external communication to detect free and dissolved water levels so you can optimize performance.

  • Water removal

    Unlike other methods that burn oil by using high temperatures to remove water, our efficient and effective approach is based on vacuum dehydration, ideally resulting in 100% free water removal and up to 90% dissolved water removal without any adverse affects on your system’s oil.

Cleanliness Consulting

We employ a systematic approach to monitoring contamination levels, including a cleanliness audit with both quantitative and qualitative analysis to ensure optimal production, quality and compliance with standards.

Lab Analysis

Our complete lab services for both hydrocarbon and water-based solutions include reports with essentially operating parameters and additive packages. Some of our specific lab tests include: Particle Counts (ISO Codes), Ferrography, Spectrometry, Gravimetric, Total Suspended Solids, Microbio Analysis, Water in Oil (i.e Karl Fischer), Oil in Water, Additive Packages, Viscosity, pH, TAN.

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