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Water Treatment
  • UF, MF Ultra, Micro Filtration

    Typically microfiltration (MF) or ultrafiltration (UF) is used when either drinking water quality and/or high-quality utility water is required in a power generation plant. In many instances an MF is coupled with an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system to ensure consistent high quality water from a new or reclaimed source.

  • RO, Pre RO & Reverse Osmosis

    Protecting RO membranes is essential to successful system operation. Incorrectly specified RO pre-filtration can lead to costly downtime and cleaning or complete replacement. We employ a variety of approaches to ensure supply water quality.

Turbine Oil Conditioner

Keep your turbine system protected and running clean. We help you remove dissolved water from turbine lubricating oil and prevent damage (including corrosion, reduced oil lubrication, oil oxidation and breakdown, accelerated metal surface fatigue, and sludge formation) to your equipment. A lube system achieves maximum protection only when ALL free water is removed and dissolved water is minimized.

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Hydroelectric Turbine Lubrication

There are three areas of concern when contamination of hydroelectric turbine lubricating fluids are examined. They include: inlet valve hydraulic power units (HPU’s), turbine bearing lube systems, turbine governor system.

Turbine Speed Control

Reliability of the control oil systems depend largely on the hydraulic system components, which are extremely sensitive to particulate contamination due to large operating clearances required for precise control.

Turbine Hydrogen Seal Oil Lubrication

To prevent hydrogen leakage, oil lubricated seals (gland seals) are used to contain the hydrogen in the generator shell. Clean oil is required to prevent mechanical wear on seal rings and the turbine shaft and thus reduce hydrogen leakage.

Wind Turbine

It is essential to prevent any contamination, in a solid, liquid and/or gaseous form, beause it can wreak havoc with wind turbine generation.

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Backwashable Condensate System

Suspended and/or dissolved contaminants – including iron, copper, silica and sulfates – in condensate can cause serious issues in turbine operations. We offer a number of options to treat the problem and prevent turbine deposition and/or corrosion.

Gas/Steam Turbine Lubrication

Providing and maintaining clean fluids is the main priority in ensuring trouble-free turbine operation. Contaminant particles equal to or slightly larger than the dynamic clearances of the turbine bearings are the most detrimental because they bridge the lube oil film thickness and cause abrasive wear.

Coal Pulverizer Cleanliness

There are four common types of coal pulverizers, each requiring a cleanliness level to operate efficiently.

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